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Love.Bound x Hanna Vandale

One of a kind, handmade ceramic dishes that are inspired by the organic forms of nature

for your bundle to rest upon. made in co-creation with ceramic artist Hanna Vandale.

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Hanna Vandale

I have always admired Hanna for her curiosity and devotion to which she welcomes all experiences as opportunities to explore, enjoy, evolve and seek pleasure in this human life. She's a fellow shapeshifter and I call her by many names like: Lioness. Sister. 

Ceramic artist. Wild Woman. Water Wizard. Entrepreneur. Friend. Nurse. Book Worm. Sunflower. Cook. And so much more...


While our souls got to know each other better over the past years, it has been such an exciting experience to see her grow into the (ceramic) artist she is.

I am so honoured to share some of her current creations here,

so that you may take part in the alchemy of her inspiration too. 

Connect with Hanna personally through her Instagram here.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.47.10.png


Hanna has been cheering us on while we were just in the beginning stages of birthing love.bound into the world. During this process i saw Hanna fall in love with pottery and she hasn’t stopped creating the most epic beautiful cups, plates, dishes, bowls, vases and sculptures since.

Not long after the love.bound launch we realized this collaboration was bound to happen.

so here we are… as a team, creating something special for you. 

Hanna took both me and Sjir through the whole process of creating pottery which was so much fun, especially because we both never worked with clay in this way. 

After a few brainstorm sessions, Hanna came over to make the mold together. Sjir and I envisioned an organic inspired shape for the dishes. I think an avocado like form might be the best way to describe it...


The next steps were done in Belgium where Hanna lives. During the whole process she kept us up to date, mixed up her own glaze recipe that has our own love.bound label on it, and tried different baking techniques. A few months later, the dishes were ready to be shipped,  all in divine timing for our newest launch!

Together we brought this new product of love.bound to life through her hands, and if that’s not something that’s awe-inspiring, i don’t know what is. 



the core message we want to send out to all our fellow artists, lovers, dreamers and human beings, is that we truly believe we’re here on earth for this exact reason; to learn, create and experience epic journeys like these together— in co-existence, through

co-creation. for when we create together, magic happens.

with love,
Hanna, Sjir & Luka

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