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The essence of nature's space is to create a home, and heal.  With love.bound we aim to forward her gifts and bring inspired moments to your day, encouraging you to rest, indulge guiltlessly into the moment and let love flow through you and back to the world.

love.bound is created for you to sit back in gratitude, to dance in the wonder and mystery, to appreciate the shadow as equally as the light, and to enjoy nature's gifts in one of her most aromatic and cleansing form.


to find the sacred in everyday life.

To us, the art of slowing down gives a deeper sense of meaning and connection.
Taking a pause can open our hearts and allows us to bring clarity to the present moment. That’s why one of the main reasons we came up with our love.bound ritual bundles, so it can become a catalyst for you to reconnect to your inner self and guide you deeper into your own sacred spaces. With the love.bound bundles as your ally, they'll help you remember that there are many ways to re-enchant your moment by making the mundane exciting…  for even our simplest day-to-day acts can be infused with meaning.


We highly encourage you to use the bundles in all of life’s highs and lows.

Get creative and add in your own magic whenever you feel like it. Because at the end of the day you are your own source of medicine and this entire world

is your altar to decorate.

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