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Meet Bodemzicht, the regenerative farm we luckily stumbled upon during our search for a place close to home and our hearts that was open to work with us. This place has been such a gift to love.bound in many ways. They are not only providing us with the plants and flowers we dreamed of, they also gave a deeper meaning to our mission with love.bound. You can read more about that in Sjir's blog

We made the transition from using non-native grown plants, to local plants that grow on the land we grew up on ourselves. These plants include green sage, lavender, rose and artemisia and many others. This is a big step for love.bound and the process of rekindling the native European culture of plant kinship! We're happy to have you with us on this adventure


Where do our plants come from?

To learn more about Bodemzicht; read on, watch the video below or visit their website here.

Regenerative Farm Bodemzicht

''Bodemzicht is a regenerative demonstration farm and learning place near Nijmegen, set up by Ricardo Cano Mateo and Anne van Leeuwen. Regenerative agriculture grows living soil, captures CO2, increases biodiversity, builds communities and provides a fair income for farmers. The mission of Bodemzicht farm is to facilitate life and tasteful, healthy food is the most fantastic 'by-product' through which we achieve this. The farm has several business lines, such as a 3000 m2 no-dig market garden, 5 hectares of agroforestry and 249 layers in chicken mobiles. We deliver Bodemzicht-boxes to 100 households and orders to 5 restaurants within a radius of 8 kilometers around the farm. Quality is a top priority for us. We also work with other sustainable,

local entrepreneurs.

As a demonstration farm, Bodemzicht farm shows that regenerative agriculture offers a realistic future perspective. In addition, the Bodemzicht foundation is also active in the field. Bodemzicht foundation is committed to a non-profit transition to a regenerative (agri)culture. The Foundation works with the multi-year learning place on the question “how do we build a regenerative society?” Farmers, citizens, policymakers, organisations, artists and students are invited to think together and work on such a society in courses, events, guided tours, campaigns and dinners and are therefore regularly present at Bodemzicht farm.''


IMG_5493 2_edited.png


Journal entry by Sjir.

''As much as I want to help you find peace and connection with Nature, we are trying to help ourselves as well. Going to the farm is a way for me to reconnect with the earth. Can you imagine how it feels to pick up a wheelbarrow for the first time since my childhood, use a shovel to fill it with mulch and make a bed of soil for our new family of herbs? While the wind is blowing and spring butterflies fly between the bushes? And a small pack of crows land across the field to pick some seeds? It's enchanting... 

... and meanwhile it's sad. How did I get so far from the land? I feel like a stranger and a native at the same time. And I want to come back to the land - many, many times. And on this land I will help grow the herbs that go into our bundles with my own hands. In this way, the bundles that may help you heal your wounds help me heal the rift between myself and Nature.'' 

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