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Moontime: the moontime is the sacred time of woman when she bleeds during her menstrual cycle.
Mana: mana carries meaning across many cultures – the embodiment of the power of nature, a spiritual life force.
The beauty of it is that anyone or anything can possess it – it’s with us, in us, around us.

(salvia officinalis)

one of the medicinal benefits of sage is that the plant can assist us during our moon cycle. this has to do with the essential oil in the leafs. it contains phytoestrogens. this substance has the same structure as the female hormone oestrogen. phytoestrogens adjust to your estrogen level with a regulating effect, which makes that sage ensures hormone balance. 


when there is an excess of estrogen (dominance), the phytoestrogens in sage can cause a decrease. this also happens the other way around: a shortage of estrogen can be increased with natural phytoestrogens.


(artemisia vulgaris)

where to even begin with artemisia… her role in sacred women’s rites connected with the moon, with dreaming, divination and psychic visioning stretches back to the mists of prehistory. she is called the motherherb, is associated with the greek goddess artemis of the moon and the hunt and has helped many women throughout history with all sorts of discomforts. 


she has the ability to help relieve everything from painful cramps, increasing circulation to the uterus and pelvic region, regulating hormone levels and is considered especially helpful for PMS. these are just a few of the incredible ways artemisia can stand besides us and assist us with our moon cycle. 


(calendula officinalis)

calendula is the sunshine herb. she has a strong connection to the sun’s movement across the sky, calendula opens its colorful petals when the sun shines, and retreats as the sun fades. as we retreat into our own moon cocoon during our menstruation, i find this herb especially warming to have with me; to remind me of the sun, to keep me warm and let the rays of the sun, that she catches within her petals, light up the parts within me that can feel dark. 


besides these energetic benefits she can induce the menstrual cycle and help it with flowing more easily as well as relieving menstrual cramps.


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