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How to burn: a simple step-by-step guide.

☾ Before you start— Make sure you have a fireproof container where your bundle can rest upon while it burns; Like the one we made in collaboration with ceramic artist Hanna Vandale.

An abalone shell, coquille shell, other bowls, dishes or plate will do as well. Remember, you are lighting something on fire so making sure you have the right container is important.


☾ Light with care— Once you're ready to light your sage, Get a match (or use a lighter) grab the sage as far from the end you are burning as possible and start by lightning a small part of your bundle until you see smoke (holding the bundle in the fire for 2 - 4 seconds is usually long enough) If a flame appears let it go out on its own— if it doesn’t, blow it out gently.


☾ Set the mood— The next step is totally up to you. There are many ways to (re)enchant your moment. While the bundle is burning you can set an intention, say a prayer, go into meditation, use it to cleanse the space and even involve it in a ceremony. Or you can just simply put the bundle back in the container and let the aromas fill your home. 

☾ Let the love in— We highly encourage you to use the bundles in all of life’s highs and lows. Get creative and add in your own magic.

note: as with any fire or smoke-related practice, be sure you don’t leave a burning sage bundle unattended.

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