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May you be inspired: When to use the bundle.

To us, the art of slowing down gives a deeper sense of meaning and connection.

Taking a pause can open our hearts and allows us to bring clarity to the present moment. That’s why one of the main reasons we came up with our love.bound ritual bundles, so it can become a catalyst for you to reconnect to your inner self and guide you deeper into your own sacred moments.

Living a life of meaning doesn't simply mean doing everything you want to do, it means bringing meaning to all that lies in front of you.

With the love.bound bundles as your ally, they'll help you remember that there are many ways

to re-enchant your moment by making the mundane exciting…

for even our simplest day-to-day acts can be infused with meaning.

Here are a few ways when we like to use the bundles:

⊹ to welcome in a new day.

⊹ to celebrate a moment.

⊹ during my moon time/menstruation for relaxation.

⊹ during/after cleaning my home.

⊹ when sick/ill.

⊹ while journaling

⊹ while working to stay in the creative flow.

⊹ when i had guest over to cleanse the space.

⊹ when i want my space to smell delicious.

⊹ whenever my love and i had a difficult conversation/discussion.

⊹ to get rid of all the bad juju.

⊹ when that existential crisis hits.

⊹ during full & new moon rituals.

⊹ ceremonies.

⊹ during our meetings and brainstorm sessions.

⊹ when i hang with friends.

⊹ to welcome a new season.

⊹ during yoga & meditation.

⊹ when making love.

May you be inspired x

✺ Blog cover art is by LunarLilt

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